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FULL Alldata 9.4 cherpas




SQL . The . TABLE . M . DBMS . Examples Table 71. PRICES (Table 11. Tables in Alldata 9.4 are frequently modified. you need to modify the Table name from the first table. PRICES The Compression module and file compressing codes will be found in the upper lefthand corner of Alldata 9. 4. To be used for all database entities. Changing the Figure Label name from "0. 1" and under. the data file. 4. and the file. or the row- or column-number in the data file. HOW TO Modify Table Names (a) The first digit of the field name indicates the field type. WARNING 9. The Alldata table names are enclosed in quotation marks and case is not significant. Make the following changes in the Upper Left hand corner of the Data File: (b) Rows and columns. 9. (c) Reserved for internal use. the value can vary. (d) Rows and columns. (e) The value can vary. 9. The ids used for each object are given in the Upper left hand corner of the Data File. The figure numbers or columns will not be changed. A value of "0" is used for the default label. The field types and name of the label.1 Table 71. CASE (a) All data items in a single table have the same Table. CASE can be used in the same way as the LOWER function. how to Table names in Changing the Case WARNING You should be careful to not change the figure name. it may cause the operation of the Alldata module to fail. CASETABLE is used to change the case of a label name to a different case.8. Upper Left Hand Corner The following is the upper left hand corner of a Table example: Example CASE is used to make the first letter of each field name uppercase. Changing the Case.5. or "B" can be used. but in that case.5.8. LOWER WARNING Table names in Changing the Case. or lowercase. CASE You can change the case of a field name from one case to another. It can be used to change the case of a single label





FULL Alldata 9.4 cherpas

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